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Feb 25, 2006 – Email Update from Darlene

Hi Everyone,

Well, here I am in an internet cafe in bustling downtown Nairobi .Can you believe that? We had a very l o n g journey and were tired and stressed about lost luggage when we arrived but today it is all sorted.

We set up a bank account for the school which we will use as needed . We had an emotional but lovely lunch with Tim and have begun to meet members of Ebi’s family which is very special.

It is very hot and when I looked out my window and saw the palm trees and the dynamic mix of cars and buses and people it was finally real. We flew over the Sahara Desert yesterday which was very impressive from the air.

The suitcases and boxes just left on the last leg of their journey overland to Itegero . Everyone is very curious as to what is going on when they see us and this incredible mountain of luggage. Tomorrow we follow.

We are very excited to meet everyone and share in the life of the village. Thank you all once again for all your help and I will write whenever I can to include you in this great adventure.

Love Darlene XXXXXXX