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Annual reports


2024 CTV NEWS has broadcast 2 short news segments featuring the story of Joshua and the wells he funded in Kenya in collaboration with Suitcases for Africa. The first segment tells the story of how Joshua started funding for his first well at the age of 7 years old.

Click on this link to see Part One of Joshua’s Story JOSHUA’S WELL on CTV PART 1

Part Two follows Joshua’s recent visit to Kenya with the SFA team. He visited the 3 wells he has funded over the last 10 years and the grateful communities he has helped! There were were many joyful celebrations. SFA is very proud of Joshua and his inspiring achievements!

Click on this link to see Part Two of Joshua’s Story JOSHUA’S WELL on CTV PART 2


2021-22 (Covid Years)
As was the case for most charities in 2021-2022 covid 19 greatly affected Suitcases for Africa in our ability to hold events and to raise funds for our projects. To learn more about the many challenges that were faced by our organisation both here in Canada and in our projects in western Kenya please read this combined two-year Annual report. We report on the social upheaval and difficulties experienced in the struggling rural communities and how our administrator and team in Kenya persevered through out.

Our SFA team visited Kenya in early 2020 just before the Covid 19 pandemic struck. They witnessed the installation of 2 SFA funded water projects and distributed 150 mosquito nets. They visited the Jigger Treatment Project where shoes, funded by SFA, were distributed to 271 affected children. Finally the team witnessed the annual celebration of our Education Sponsorship program involving 50 sponsored children. Due to the pandemic our funds were greatly reduced in 2020. It was decided to prioritize our Education Sponsorship program which continued with the help of our administrators, in spite of school closures and great social upheaval..

SFA continued to support the 50 children remaining in our Educational Sponsorship Program in 2019.  With the help of our generous sponsors SFA was also able to fund 3 projects to supply clean, accessible drinking water to communities. Two of these projects were completed in 2019 while the third one will be completed in 2020.

In 2018 a contested national election in Kenya forced the postponement of our usual project visits. In spite of this disappointment our projects continued to flourish under the guidance of our Kenyan administrator, Susan Nanjala.

Together with the SFA Executive, Board members and Administrator, we made a conscious decision to focus most of our available funding on Education in 2017.

Suitcases for Africa Suitcases for Africa started the year in a spirit of thanksgiving and celebration as it marked the Ten Year Anniversary of the founding of the organisation in 2006.

Suitcases for Africa experienced a very positive year in 2015. We rejoiced in the success of our Educational Sponsorship Students. We also oversaw the graduation of some of our long term communities to sustainable projects which will lead to independence and brighter futures.

  The year 2014 brought with it some great new projects and the completion of some projects that we are very proud of. We hope they will have long term benefits to the communities.

    As the final days of 2013 wound down we took a look back at a year that saw several ongoing multi-year projects finally come to fruition

    We are astounded by the continuous and generous support that has come through to fund Suitcases for Africa projects in 2012. This is the true highlight of this amazing year.

     As 2011 drew to a close we looked back on it as being a very intense and emotional year, a year of great famine, and yet also a year of great hope.

    There has been much to celebrate this year at Suitcases for Africa as our small grassroots organisation became an official Registered Canadian Charity in the summer of 2010.

     2009 was met with great excitement and planning by our members to return once again to the field. We were anxious to connect with our partners, friends and the children and to ascertain how they were coping with the ensuing difficulties of rebuilding and moving forward from the tragedy of the year before.

     We were able to assess, propose and complete several important projects in 2008 that were community based and beneficial to many in this poor, rural area.