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Feb 26th – Email Update from Debbie

For those of you who don’t know…I am in Africa!!! All is well here…sorry that I haven’t e-mailed sooner but we have been very busy and when I finally had the chance to e-mail the internet cafes were closed.

We had a great journey to Nairobi…and were well taken care of by the airlines. When we landed in Nairobi we were warmly received by customs….they read the letter from the high commission and passed us through thanking us for all we were doing. Relatives of Ebi were at the airport and we were taken to the Stanley Hotel where we were staying.

Yesterday was very busy…we met with Tim and Ebi’s sister and niece. We discussed our visit to Itegero and what we should expect. We discussed how we would handle all the goods that we have and how we should go about distributing them. Needless to say everyone is anxious for our visit…..

Tim opened up an account in Nairobi and I have been given the power of attorney for the account. We deposited money into the account and will make a decision as to what it will be used for after we have met with the officials. So as you can see yesterday was truly a business day.

Now I am in Kisumu… Darlene and I flew there this morning and Tom picked us up at the airport. I asked him to take me to the internet cafe so I could at least touch base…and let everyone know all is well. We are now going to get some bottled water and mosquito coils to take back with us to Itegero. The other ladies are driving from Nairobi to Itegero and won’t be there until this evening.

Thinking of you all and be assured we are all fine