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Mon, 16 Jul 2007

From: kelly faubert
Subject:: Hello from Tanzania
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007
Hello all,

Well I guess I shoud catch you all up to the past few weeks… We went to visit all the schools one last time before leaving the small villages of Butiti and Itegero. It was quite sad to say goodbye, but Burton had business in Nairobi and it became apparent the shipment would not be arriving anytime soon. So, after a day in the Kakamega rainforest we moved on to St-Peter’s Seminary to stay with the nuns…. visiting everything from hospitals to orphanages…we managed to fill our days with so many visits we could no longer eat or we thought we might burst (it is considered inpolite to say no to food). We ended our stay with a day visiting orphans that are being fed by Suitcases For Africa’s feeding program. Two little girls read poems in our honor… the first no older than five read the poem with tears streaming down her face and the second burst into tears and couldn’t even finish. It was the sadest moment I have ever witnessed. Both had lots their parents to HIV/aids.

Although we witnessed many very sad things, in many ways conditions were better than we had expected and there is a strong sense of hope. That is what we must hold onto to not get discouraged. I am now in Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilamanjaro feeling very, very lucky to have been able to experience all this.

I hope all is well at home..