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Wed, 04 Jul 2007

From: jackie szabo
Subject: kenya is beautiful
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007
Hi everyone,

I wont be checking my email too often, cause it is soo slow and also because we have to drive for an hour to get to kisumu to use a computer!! The
house we are staying at has no electricity, and obviously no toilet…there is a little shack in the backyard with one room with a hole in the ground to
go to th bathroom, and the othrer is just an empty room that you use to wash. you have to boil water and bring the bucket out there. today was the
first day i washed since i left!! I was enjoying not showering a little toomuch 🙂 I’m sleeping so well that I miss the rooster wake up call and i’m
always the last to shower, so i usually don’t bother, but my hair was getting a little nasty…so today i washed it! i think kelly and Bronwyn might
have started to complain….so now i justy have really pouffy hair, its great!! i’m really getting use to it out here, and I love it.

Kenya is so beautiful and the people are all so nice. I’m having areally good time. The house we are staying at is amazing!! And the family is
really nice. And the food is delicious. We are being really well taken car of. I’m amazed at the generosity of Burton (the man who is taking care of
us). Yesterday, we went around to the schools to drop off the checks and tobook a time we can come back to spend more time with the kids.
The visits to each school were brief but the children were amazing. I really loved spending time with them.
They are so grateful for tthe little they have, which makes me question our north american way of life. It has been an eye opening
experience. Eveything I have here, is all I really need…we went to a school of the deaf and one for the disabled and one for the
disadvantaged…it was really emotional. But the kids all had such beautiful spirits. I was shocked to hear the head teacher at the disabled school
tell us that the kids were happy because its rare that people come close to them, he said the people here believe that they are witches!! Witches?!
We have been having some issues with the shipment, but this morning we found out that it should be arriving by friday, which means that we can make
it to the orphanage on sunday like we had planed.

love you! i’ll write more when i can…..


ps we got corn and a chicken as a gift from one school. we almost ate the chicken but decided to keep him as a pet instead…we named him
Pooulet. (not a typo, its Pooulet, its pronouced pooo-lettt! he’s really cute.