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E mail from Wendy and Charlotte Sent May 14, 2012

Hello Everyone from CANADA,
My goodness it is good to be home!

Unfortunately we were much too busy to get another letter written while we were still in Kenya. It seemed that the last week we were never still long enough to compose a letter – or the internet was down.
Our journey home started with a three hour delay for our first flight but once we got started it was smooth sailing all the way. The next leg of the journey was an eight and a half hour flight to Paris; a four hour wait in the airport and then six and a half hours to Montreal. We were sure glad when we touched down at Trudeau Airport.
Any guesses where we went first? Darlene, Mary & Richard were waiting for us as we cleared customs and we were driven straight to Scores for their great salad bar – what a treat! Needless to say there was more talking going on than eating.
Both Charlotte & I seem to have adjusted to this time zone following a couple of really good night’s sleep. I still hesitate though to turn on the tap to brush my teeth.
Thank you to all of you who took the time to read our letters and responded. It was great to have the connection to home. Your best wishes and prayers were really comforting.
It is going to take a while for us to wade through all of our photos and documents but as soon as we can there will be pictures up on our web site.
Bye for now,
Wendy & Charlotte