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Thursday October 3, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya

It was with great emotion that we bid our friends in Kakamega a fond and tearful goodbye following a hectic and rewarding ten days of hard work.

We celebrated the official opening of Joshua’s Well; officiated at the official opening of Gaetano’s Posho Mill of Love; met Ferdinand the newly born bull, served lunch at an Early Childhood Education Centre feeding program; met with and ate with our 43 Education Sponsored students; toured the Emalindi Orphan Hostel facility, shared the excitement of a successful and thriving poultry project and met with the executive committee of the Emalindi Farming Project. No wonder we fell into our comfortable and cozy mosquito tents early each night! It was really exciting at the Upendo Poultry Project as Susan, our Kenyan administrator & Esther, Susan’s assistant, as well as Peter, the newly appointed Healthcare Co-ordinator, all got to be the first people to purchase poultry from this rejuvenated Poultry Project. It was with great fanfare that the first income from the chickens was recorded! A happy day for everyone.

One highlight (one of many!) was a visit to the Bishop Stam Pastoral Centre where we shared a cup of tea with Winnie – a master cook who presented us with the best Mandazis ever. Fr. Bede also joined us for a while. We had not seen Winnie for a couple of years.

Another pleasant couple of hours were spent with Sister Winnie and Sister Generosa at the Bishop’s residence where we were treated to another local delicacy – fresh Queen Cakes that Sr. Generosa had made especially for us. We even got to take a few home with us!!

This was definitely a trip of celebration as all of our projects are doing well. Everyone we met along the way wanted us to thank all of the Canadian donors who have made such a tremendous difference in their lives. Everything that is done in the name of Suitcases For Africa is appreciated by so many people!

We are now in Nairobi getting ready to unwind a bit and start the trek home. The terrorist attack at Westgate has left a mark on Kenya and unfortunately it does not look like peace is at hand. There is increased security everywhere and it seems that everyone is anticipating more violence. That being said it appears that life is returning to normal – just a little more vigilant and a lot sadder.

Thanks for all the communications we have received from home. We will be there soon!

Wendy & Michele